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We are concerned potato farmers, growers, tourism business operators, lifestyle property owners and landowners who object to AusNet’s Western Renewables Link above ground transmissions lines and terminal station would destroy precious farmland, homes and the landscape from Ascot to Springbank and surrounds. We represent farmers, life stylers, tourism operators, townspeople and everyone who lives in the region. We are fighting for food security against inappropriate transmission infrastructure that is outdated.
We advocate for the Western Victorian transmission line to go underground down the middle of the Western Highway, the land and easement is already there!!!👍
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Ausnet Have tried multiple times to forcibly access properties without success. Police were called and they were removed. On one occasion an ambulance was called when a landholder suffered a medical emergency due to the stressful nature of the situation. Ausnet’s  Stephanie McGregor and hten Jeff Rigby refused to show any concern for the community. Whilst MP Catherine King an Mp Michaela Settle have disappeared.  The regard they are high in is extremely low.

Ausnet field officers attempted to gain illegal access to properties and were stopped by residents, along with the police.

An Ambulance was called when one landholder suffered a medical emergency due to the stress of the situation. Ausnet's Western Renwewable Link senior staff showed little sympathy when interviewed by the media in the days following.

Ausnet and Head Jeff Rigby are shell shocked by the devaluation issues on properties engulfing the Western Renewables Link project.

The Growling Grass Frog is an endangered species and well known to the region. Ausnet refuses to acknowledge its existence.


Ausnet head Jeff Rigby and Headline PR Simon Pristel. And do they have a crisis with the Western Renewables Link. Landholders have locked them out and said put the transmission lines underground down the Western Highway.

Simon Pristel Headline PR Crisis Management