Austnet and their Lies

Ausnet and Stephanie McGregor peddle more untruths. This week on the 21st July 2021 Ausnet place large full page ads in the Weekly Times and Ballarat Courier newspapers. They have attempted to marginalise the region by indicating that landholders have granted them access to their properties.

Unfortunately for Ausnet there are very few, if any, landholders willing to see they prime agricultural farmland cut up with massive 85 meter towers. 

The pressure is on Ausnet as they find the entire region up in arms with them. From community groups, landholders, Government Authorities and Politicians. 

Consultation with Ausnet? What Consultation?

Right from day one Ausnet’s handling of consultation has been disgraceful. They have refused to answer the simplest of questions rather, they continue to pedal mistruths. Ausnet, when they do talk, refuse to directly answer the question and divert to a scripted response that they are “engaging the community”.

Ausnet have had helicopters fly low over landholders properties whilst cows have been calving and sheep lambing, placing enormous mental stress upon people.

See the flight path below of the Ausnet Helicopter. The picture on the right shows Ausnet surveying in the State Forest, something they are not meant to be doing.

Members Quit Ausnet Community Consultation Group

Ausnet CCG minutes below