How You Can Help

We need your help to convince the government and AusNet to put the powerlines underground and NOT have a terminal station in the middle of productive farming land.

Contact A Politician

The best and most affective methods of contacting a politician;


text message

social media posts on their pages and community pages

signs, lots of visual signs!!

Get the message across to ALL the politicians both state and federal that WE DO NOT WANT THIS!

We want the powerlines UNDERGROUND and down the Western Highway.

NOT through prime productive agricultural land.

Put up a sign

Contact us via facebook or our contact page to get a sign to put up at your place / fence / work. Get the word out to everyone that this project needs to be fought.

Even a sticker on your bumper bar will help!

Community Support is key to any Issue

Standing up for what you believe is critical with any issue. No mater how small your property is or how large we are all effected the same.

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