Our environment

Soaring eagles, pristine water ways, abundant bird life, unique scoria cone volcanos, stunning landscapes, rich soils…. all under threat by this project.

Bird Life

Our region is filled with the most amazing birdlife…. the usual Aussie birds such as kookaburras and magpies, mudlarks and ravens. Parrakeets and lorikeets and so many others I don’t even know the names of…. but the most magnificent of them all that we are so lucky to have in our region are the Wedge Tail Eagles….. they nest in our area and fly over these lands all the time.


Our region’s amazingly fertile soil comes down to volcanoes…. maars to be precise. A circular volcano that is caused by lava coming up through sediments, sedimentary rocks and limestone. They are fairly rare around the world and we have them here in the Central Highlands.

The maars make what are called ‘tuff rings’ and these and other volcanic by-products mean that our region boasts incredibly fertile farmland with rich dark soils that yields potatoes, fat lambs and cereal crops.

To read more about our volcanic region and it’s uniqueness, Gary Gibson talked to the ABC back in 2014.


The volcanic hills and rolling landscape

The region north of the Western highway is home to some of  the richest volcanic country in Australia. This is  unique with its potato industry which it has ground and surface water irrigation.

Ausnet have torn up their working with easements booklet as they don’t know how to classify irrigation infrastructure with transmission powerlines.

Centre Pivot irrigation beside the existing Bendigo to Ballarat Transmission line, which Ausnet wants to duplicate.

The Secret Landscapes and People of the Region